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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Yearbook Dilemma Solved

My parents recently made me move out all my old high school and college artifacts from their house into my own. Guess I am officially an adult now! I'm also officially out of storage space. I found I was faced with what to do with all those ugly yearbooks that you can't get rid of AND that take up a lot of space. 

My solution - display them! What, you don't like the look of neon paint splattered book spines from the '80s? Me either.

I found these awesome leather-esque fabrics at my local craft store for around $8 a yard. I cut it to fit the spines and then taped to the inside like a dust jacket. Voila, interesting volumes on your bookshelf. (I also covered some random hardbacks to round out my bookshelf design. The yearbooks are on the far right).

Again, I'm working on better photo skills. This image is very washed out looking. Take my word that these look much better in person!

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