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Friday, February 17, 2012

An Affordable Idea for Built-in Bookcases

Hang a set of small mirrors or coordinating artwork on the back of your built-ins. These mirrors were $8 each! I like this octagon shape because everything else is very square. Round or a small sunburst would also be great. I also hung these on a good 'ole thumb tack so I would not leave a nail hole in the wood in case of a change in accessories later. 
Decorating bookshelves is one of my specialties. Message me if you need help with yours! Email me from here or my Facebook page


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This? Right here? THIS is what I do.

Check out my looks for less. I DIE over this table. It is for sale if you live in Charlotte. And I love these lamps so much I’ve decided to keep them. However, I’m still using them to demonstrate how I can help you decorate on a budget without looking like you’re on one! I go about town and pick up these incredible pieces for great prices for my clients. I’m now starting to sell some here and there on my own. Keep your eyes on this blog for more deals coming up and message me if you want me to help you get the look for less.

Don't judge me on my picture taking skills. Gotta work on that!

Here’s the stats on the table:
Harkness Interiors price: $199 plus tax (Charlotteans only)
Measures 17 ¼ “ in diameter and is 24” high. 
The top has a bevel edge mirror.  The first person to message me and set up a time to pick it up will get it. I only have one.

Here’s the expensive version! This similar table retails for over $500!!  
Burgess Side Table in Light Walnut

And here is my brand new set of 2 fabulous gold shell/mother of pearl look lamps – I would have sold for $225 for the set. The linen drum shade has a very light gold metallic thread woven through. So Fab! Perfect for your living room, bedroom, entry or dining room! These can go anywhere. Measure 24 ¼ “ in total height. Base is 8” diameter and drum shade is 15” diameter. 


This similar style sells for over $1,100! People are crazy! 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make Your Own $3 Boot Trees

Ok I know this isn’t interior design. But I think this is so stinkin’ genius that I just had to share. And if you know me, you know if I can find a way to make something myself, that’s what I’m going to do!

I love my tall boots but hated the way they always flop over, yet I never felt like shelling out $20/pair for real boot trees for all my boots.  So here’s what I did! I bought:

 2 large individual water bottles ($1 each)
- 1 bag of glass pebbles from Michael’s (about $1)
- After drinking the water and letting the bottles air out for a day or so, drop half the pebbles into one   
   bottle and the other half into the other bottle
 Put down in your boots!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not to toot my own horn, but...

I’m gonna! I’m on the Home & Garden design team for the Charlotte Observer newspaper and they featured me today on how to use Tangerine Tango (the 2012 color of the year) in interiors.

My personal favorite part is my practical way to use this bold color (mostly because I loooooove DIY projects):
Buy a few 8x10 and 5x7 frames that come with a white mat in them (you can get these at Michael’s, Target, etc.) and paint the mat tangerine. Stick to either a solid black frame or a funky gold frame. Pop in some of your favorite black and white photos and you have some new, current, and affordable accessories. Once you get tired of tangerine, just replace the mat. I've featured images of this idea below. 

Read the rest of my answers in the paper here
NOTE: This article seems to have been taken off their website. Here's the page to read the rest of my answers:

I've also done a room board with some fun and affordable items featuring tangerine.