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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Harkness Interiors featured in the Charlotte Observer Home & Design Section

I was honored to be featured in the Charlotte Observer Home & Design section last month! I received a call from them to talk about playroom design. They also featured pictures (a 2-page spread! Whoop whoop!) of one of my playrooms. Before and after pictures of this playroom can be seen on my Houzz page. I also did a blog post ages ago about the way I did a preschool art wall in this room.

I was hoping the article would be posted online as well. But alas, they don't link up every single article from every day. So y'all will have to see the article here from a picture. Sorry you can't read it.

Here are the takeaways:
  • invest in the right pieces of furniture that will continue to grow with your child. The right storage is key! 
  • add colorful, more child-like touches in art and accessories that can be easily switched out later. One of my favorite parts of the room was using this custom colored alphabet decal. Later, this will peel right off the wall. 

  • keep the color palette sophisticated, again, so it can grow with your child. Be very aware of this when converting a formal "front room" living room into a playroom. 
  • Have fun! Be whimsical! But steer clear of themes....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Find - AKA another reason I heart Marshall's

Found these gold antelope antlers at my local Marshall's yesterday. It reminded me of these classic ones from Ballard Designs. Plus some gold. And it was $12.99. $12.99 people! SOLD! Already hung it on my wall. No doubt my hubby will hate it and not get it....#toobadsosad

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Find for Less - Chinese Lidded Jars

These are a classic accessory that have become much more mainstream in recent years. Real porcelain jars are fortunes (and even these faux ones from Wisteria!), so here is a wonderful score for less. I love a group of these on a mantle or entry table.

Wisteria's version versus Pearl River's

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Find - Pottery Barn Kids Harper Frame

Gallery walls have been hugely popular the past few years. Add some pop to yours with this awesome look for less:

Pottery Barn Harper personalized frame - $69 for the square 8x10


Green Tree Gallery's frames from Hobby Lobby - regularly $19.99 for the 8x10.

On sale they are $10! There is no beating that. And there's the added bonus of laughing at the staged pictures in them. These have to be the cheesiest I've ever seen!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't Forget About Waterlogue!

I know it's been months since this app burst on the scene, but don't forget its potential for custom art. We have a tendency in this day and age to move on to the next hottest app and Waterlogue should be a constant in the art and decor world. It's the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to create your own original art. The flowers are in bloom, kids are playing in the grass, on the beach, and on and on it goes! Here are some of my favorite examples:

My sweet baby girl.
Before Picture (nothing special, but look what waterlogue does for it!)

And after. Had printed out as an 8x10 for our picture wall:

A random picture of a flamingo that I took with my iphone from a magazine ad. Pretty in its own right, but not art worthy. Ps: loving flamingos right now and all the shades of pink and coral in them. A post to come on that in the future.

After - custom art for an art wall!

Last example - a photo I took of Alcatraz from too far away to be anything great. 

And now - a nice little abstract landscape. 

I've found that often pictures that don't seem "special" turn out the best and pictures that are gorgeous already don't look good in waterlogue.

Enjoy the spring and go make some art!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

High Point Market 2013 - Some of my Favorite Finds

Market is like Disneyland for designers. Or should I say Vegas for designers? We spent 8 hours in the same building that had no clocks, no windows, and bartenders constantly offering free cocktails to entice you to spend more money. And it was AWESOME! It truly was a blast and I loved finding great products for my clients. Below are some of my favorite finds, broken down into categories. As always, my photography skills are lacking and these pics in no way do these items justice.

ART - I'm an art junkie, so most of my time at market was spend in those showrooms. I was in heaven.

First up is a new introduction of framed minerals from a high end art company. I'm giving myself mad props because I made my own version of these almost a whole year ago! What can I say, I'm always ahead of the trends :) And no, humility is not one of my virtues.

Abstract art is one of my favorite styles, so those always capture my attention for a while. I checked this one out specifically for a client:

I'm also loving the nod to angel wings. Trend alert! A lot of wings and feathers happening.

Wings of Love by Natural Curiosities

I stopped by the Natural Curiosities showroom because they use a lot of gold leaf and I haven't seen anything quite like what they do. I couldn't walk away from these one of a kind feather silhouettes on natural paper. Had to have one. I purchased the pink and silver version, of course. But here's a close up of a red/orange one also:

Feather Monoprints from Natural Curiosities

And I loved watching an artist create pieces on site. Did not want to leave that place.


I have a huge love affair with lighting. 

My favorite ceiling fixture I saw was this huge lacquer drum pendant, appropriately named the "Penelope" (that is my sister's name!). I'll take one in every color please.

Loved these looks also:


What can I say? Love love love it all.

Cocktail table with bone inlay
Awesome console tray table - it's huge!


The above chairs are quite possibly my favorite pieces. Not only are they gorgeous (AND in gold, AND black, AND navy blue), but actually so comfortable I didn't want to get up.



This hot pink cocktail ottoman was my last stop for the evening. As you can see, my wine glass was empty and while talking with the VP of this furniture company, I told him I was "born and braised" in Charlotte. It was time to go!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Latest Look for Less - Sunburst Mirror

I've been drooling over sunburst mirrors for months and months before pulling the trigger on one. I just couldn't get what I wanted for my budget. Until I found this little beauty. I used it in my own master bedroom and it looks awesome!

I wanted the look of this Horchow mirror, but the one below is $395 plus a $50 delivery fee. Uh, nope. Check it out:

Instead, I found this one from Home Depot for around $40.

I love finding the look for less! Have you found an awesome deal lately?
Let me know your latest score ~

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chevron Floor Poll! Please Give me your vote

Ok friends, I need your opinion. I'm finally refacing my U-G-L-Y original 1960's powder room. I love a fabulous powder room and feel it's a place to go bolder because the space is small and separate from all the rooms in your house. Ideally I'd wallpaper it, wire it for sconces and a chandelier, and put new flooring down. But as usual, I have to do it on a very small budget so all that awesomeness is out.

Here's my plan:
- Keep the vintage sink and cabinet (already put new faucet on) and just give it a fresh coat of high gloss black paint. Everything else will go.

- Replace the cheapola chrome vanity light

- Replace the mirror over sink

- Paint the walls a fun color

- Add some fabulous funky art

- And here's the big change and DIY project: White and gold chevron painted floors!! Currently we have 1960's laminate. I'm going to attempt to paint it with porch paint. So please let me know, love the gold chevron floor or is it too much? Is chevron here to stay? I'd do it in a heart beat except this is not our forever house and I am a little skittish on my funk factor when the time comes to sell this house. Gloss chocolate quatrefoil kitchen backsplash, gold chevron floors? You hear me? So I need your opinion!

Here's what it looks like now. Yuck!

Here's a little room board of my plan to give you an idea:

Please let me know what you think about the chevron floor!!