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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hollywood Regency is HOT!

Home decor is always in flux, but I think some elements are here to stay: luxe fabrics, mirrored furniture, and lacquered accent pieces. These are some hallmark staples pulled from the Hollywood Regency style. Hollywood Regency originates from the 1930’s and is making a huge comeback these days. I’m currently working with a client who loves this style and I created this Regency inspired home office for her.

The desk and slipper chair are both curved, which I think is a great way to bring the Regency feel into your house in a subtle way. The lacquered sideboard serves as great storage behind the desk and is flanked by silver bamboo floor lamps. A touch of Asian influence is also part of the Regency look – think Gingko leaves, bamboo, and fretwork. And of course, you have to have bling! This 9-light chandelier with round crystals fits the bill! Add some velvet drapery and this room is done.

I heart this room.

What do you think of Hollywood Regency – love it or hate it??

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover 3 - Partial Reveal!

I'm almost finished with our master bedroom makeover and I'm thrilled with the results. It matches the image of a luxe cocoon I had in my head that I've always wanted. But you know the drill, the bedroom is the last place in your house that guests see, so you drag your feet on it. In fact, I'm STILL working on the accessories and replacing the lamps with swing arm sconces. I wouldn't hold your breath on seeing a picture of that anytime soon! I've been so busy with client work (yay!), I've neglected the details I want for this room. Having a photographer come take a good picture is another of those details on the back burner....SO to keep you in the loop, here's the latest picture from my phone. What you can't tell from it is the gorgeous deep gray of the walls, the geometric print on the cream sections of the drapery, the slight snakeskin print on the floor lamp shade, and much more. Again, hope to have better pictures and more changes up to show soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover 2 - The Chair

Here's another little peek into my master bedroom makeover. I was so inspired by this fabric it became the color story of my room - gray, coral, cream, navy, and white. Can't wait to see how all those colors come together, right? Me too. I'm slowly getting there!

I love to have at least 1 chair in a bedroom and I desperately needed a new one for mine. In the spirit of the Pinterest/DIY craze, I decided to find a vintage one and repaint and upholster myself. Here's the before and after! I'm sooooo in love. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Copy Cat Design

If you are a fan of interiors blogs, then you already know that “copy cat” designs are a hot new topic. If you haven’t seen these yet, copy cat rooms are when a designer takes a high end room from a showroom or magazine and recreates it as they see it and for real people. When I say real people, I mean people like you and me that want the look of this room but don’t want the high price tag that goes with it!

And this my friends, is really what I do – getting the look for less. So I’ve created my own Copy Cat Room.  I was super inspired by the cover of the May 2012 issue of Southern Living. The key to this room is FABRIC - lots of it and lots of mixing colors and patterns. Shopping for fabrics is one of my favorite things to do! Let me know what you think!

Here are the images from Southern Living:

And here’s my room:

     1.Maxime Fuchsia Fabric - $27.98 / yard
        The original drapery fabric is to the trade only = big dollars. It’s printed to  
        mimic traditional Chinese ink and brush and is reminiscent of bamboo. My 
        version keeps the bamboo look at a fraction of the price. 

     2. Blue Cloud Vases from ZGallerie - $14.99
You cannot beat this price. One of these would be beautiful on a little gold cocktail table.

     3.Ballard Designs Auberge Chair - $649
        Ordered in the most affordable fabric, this chair is only $649. At that   
        price, you can afford to custom upholster in the below fabric.  

     4.Covington Belami Jacquard French Vanilla - $15.98 / yard
        A graphic print looks even better on a very traditional style chair. This     
        fabric also brings in that beautiful gold color of the original room.

        Lime leopard print fabric is so fun! Perfect for pillows.

     6.Annette Tatum Bohemian Ikat Diamond Teal - $8.98 / yard
        This ikat print adds another pop of color.  Again, perfect for pillows.

     7.Blue Octagon Geo Ceramic Garden Stool  - $320
        I wanted to bring in a little more of the blue.  Wouldn’t this look awesome   
        up against the white couch?

      8.Throw pillow - $45
         This pillow is made from Sunbrella outdoor fabric. It is a great option for   
         families with children and pets because it resists moisture and stains. Just 
         because it’s called “outdoor” doesn’t mean you can’t use it inside!

      9.Oscar Sofa - $1300
         I love the tufted settee in the original room. But something that size isn’t    
         always the most practical. This ZGallerie sofa is huge and has the tufting 
         on the seat to mimic the original sofa.

     10.Sterling Industries Distressed Gold Three Bird Table Lamp - $157
         The figurine lamps on the console in the original room are antique. This   
         gold bird lamp gives the same amount of interest and also brings in a  
         different finish. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover 1 - Mineral Obession

I’m currently decorating my master bedroom (after 8 years of dreaming about it!). I’m just starting my process, so I’m going to do a blog series to document it...

I wanted to share my latest obsession and a big inspiration point for my bedroom – minerals and stones! Minerals and stones seem to be the next big thing. Have you noticed they are popping up everywhere? Like these fab jewelry pieces. And I just received my summer 2012 Arteriors catalog and this stone accent lamp was a featured item. Retail price is $750! Think I’m sticking with my look for less. Keep reading to see!


What really got me started on this path were these pieces of mineral artwork by Mitchell Gold Bob Williams  - been drooling over them for almost a year. I HAD to figure out a way to incorporate art like this into my home. Unfortunately, these are about $300 a piece.

So, I searched and planned and I found these stones that have gorgeous shine, interesting irregularities, and TONS of interest.  They are not as rocky and the frames aren’t silver, but you gotta compromise somewhere. I took an 8x10 frame and layered extra paper and spacers on the back to make it a little more like a shadow box. 

Again, my photography skills are big time lacking – I have a dark house with bad lighting.
But here’s my look for less!
What do you think?

I did a series of 6 – 2 purples, 2 teals, and 2 grays.
I’m planning on hanging 3 vertically on each side of my bed like this pic below. THE WALL COLOR WILL BE PAINTED A DARK DOVE GRAY. Right now it doesn't look that great. I just threw them up there to share on the blog :)

But even 1 or 2 of these makes a great impact. They can be used as a tabletop frame to layer behind books on a console table or in bookshelves.

If you live in Charlotte and would like your own framed mineral, message me on my Facebook page. A set of 6 is $299! I will also sell individually for $49 each. Each one is different and colors come in neutrals/gray, browns/orange, blues, purples, and fuchsias. Frame is white with white mat/cream background. Size 8x10. You can pick your own color combination. Just message me to get started!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Yearbook Dilemma Solved

My parents recently made me move out all my old high school and college artifacts from their house into my own. Guess I am officially an adult now! I'm also officially out of storage space. I found I was faced with what to do with all those ugly yearbooks that you can't get rid of AND that take up a lot of space. 

My solution - display them! What, you don't like the look of neon paint splattered book spines from the '80s? Me either.

I found these awesome leather-esque fabrics at my local craft store for around $8 a yard. I cut it to fit the spines and then taped to the inside like a dust jacket. Voila, interesting volumes on your bookshelf. (I also covered some random hardbacks to round out my bookshelf design. The yearbooks are on the far right).

Again, I'm working on better photo skills. This image is very washed out looking. Take my word that these look much better in person!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Harkness Interiors Featured: Charlotte Smarty Pants

I'm so honored to be featured on my favorite local blog, Charlotte Smarty Pants! My wonderful friend and client, Susan Bowman, gave me a great shout out.

Check it out and be sure to follow this blog if you live in Charlotte!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fabulous Office for the Ladies

I know so many working moms - I dedicate this board to you! I was so inspired by the fabulous rug that I just had to create a room around it! Enjoy. And message me if you want the links to the products. They are yours for just $25 to create this custom room.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Caroline's Big Girl Room

I fell in love with this hot pink, orange, and gray fabric and based my 3-year-old's big girl room around it! I painted a cheap vintage dresser hot pink and put new pulls on it. Here's a room board with online options based on her room. 

Love this room? Send me a message with your email and I'll send you back a Paypal invoice. For just $25 you can have all the product info for this custom room!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

J Crew Style

Raise your hand if you love J Crew! While I love the look of their clothes and especially their accessories, it's not a brand I usually buy because of the cost. But I love the effortless chic of all that they do. I would want to walk around in each outfit from their catalog every day as I grocery shop, pick up Caroline from preschool, and change Eleanor's diapers. Alas you see my dilemma here. I have nowhere to go looking as cute as the J Crew woman.

BUT...you can have a little bit of J Crew style in your home. I'm goo goo over this look I’ve found for less. Here is a picture of J Crew's flagship 5th Ave store in NYC with these fabulous iron clover leaf-esque pendants. I'm sure they cost a fortune!

                                                                                         (Image courtesy of LGN)

Here’s my look for less. It’s only $119! Hang one over your kitchen sink or 2 over an island. Love!