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Monday, February 11, 2013

Chevron Floor Poll! Please Give me your vote

Ok friends, I need your opinion. I'm finally refacing my U-G-L-Y original 1960's powder room. I love a fabulous powder room and feel it's a place to go bolder because the space is small and separate from all the rooms in your house. Ideally I'd wallpaper it, wire it for sconces and a chandelier, and put new flooring down. But as usual, I have to do it on a very small budget so all that awesomeness is out.

Here's my plan:
- Keep the vintage sink and cabinet (already put new faucet on) and just give it a fresh coat of high gloss black paint. Everything else will go.

- Replace the cheapola chrome vanity light

- Replace the mirror over sink

- Paint the walls a fun color

- Add some fabulous funky art

- And here's the big change and DIY project: White and gold chevron painted floors!! Currently we have 1960's laminate. I'm going to attempt to paint it with porch paint. So please let me know, love the gold chevron floor or is it too much? Is chevron here to stay? I'd do it in a heart beat except this is not our forever house and I am a little skittish on my funk factor when the time comes to sell this house. Gloss chocolate quatrefoil kitchen backsplash, gold chevron floors? You hear me? So I need your opinion!

Here's what it looks like now. Yuck!

Here's a little room board of my plan to give you an idea:

Please let me know what you think about the chevron floor!!


  1. I think it looks fun but it would likely be super NOT fun to actually execute. Are you worried about the wear on it? Might dull after a while and you may wish you'd just have tiled it instead.

    Might be cheap to tile since it's such a small space.

  2. Love the floor idea!