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Sunday, March 11, 2012

J Crew Style

Raise your hand if you love J Crew! While I love the look of their clothes and especially their accessories, it's not a brand I usually buy because of the cost. But I love the effortless chic of all that they do. I would want to walk around in each outfit from their catalog every day as I grocery shop, pick up Caroline from preschool, and change Eleanor's diapers. Alas you see my dilemma here. I have nowhere to go looking as cute as the J Crew woman.

BUT...you can have a little bit of J Crew style in your home. I'm goo goo over this look I’ve found for less. Here is a picture of J Crew's flagship 5th Ave store in NYC with these fabulous iron clover leaf-esque pendants. I'm sure they cost a fortune!

                                                                                         (Image courtesy of LGN)

Here’s my look for less. It’s only $119! Hang one over your kitchen sink or 2 over an island. Love!

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