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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Navy - My Old Frienemy

I used to hate navy. I made fun of my friends for wearing it or buying anything that was navy. I was still stuck in associating navy with its awful BFFs of the nineties: maroon, hunter green and anything that resembled mauve. For the record, I still abhor maroon, hunter green, and mauve. I do not see them ever making a comeback. Navy, however, is the comeback kid. Love it, want it, need it - clothes, accessories, and in interiors. I heart navy. My love affair with navy started about 2 years ago and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are my predictions for the future of this fabulous color:

It is now being featured a lot with the 2012 color of the year Tangerine Tango (see a look from Ann Taylor Loft's spring 2012 line below). Right now this combo is mostly in clothing but it is also a wonderful combination for interiors. Throw in some gold sconces and I'm in heaven.


Dare I say I predict navy is a frontrunner for color of the year 2013? I'd take those odds in Vegas baby. Just in case you're wondering, my next guesses are kelly green or a pure lemon yellow.

So here's how I see navy moving forward:
- Continuing to be used as a neutral base for more fun bright colors. I'm loving it with hot pink, kelly green, and lemon yellow. Hot trend emerging! (Referenced above in my humble opinion).

- Trending away from the traditional nautical use of it. This is classic and never trendy, however I don't think it's very exciting anymore.

How to use it now:
Use it in a rug. Nothing else in the room would have to be navy. Just a quiet navy Persian-ish or graphic contemporary patterned one. The rest of the room can be neutral - khakis, whites, stones, etc. Of course then I'd put a hot pink throw pillow on the couch - ha!

Paint your powder room ceiling high gloss navy. Hang a sparkly crystal chandelier in either brass or chrome. It's my own little version of Van Gogh's “Starry Night”. 


The possibilities are endless! So happy to have introduced you to my new best friend.

Please let me know your thoughts! Make comments! And most importantly, hire me if you need help :)


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